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Brenda Gammon

Brenda Gammon

Registered Assistant

"My struggle to regain control of my finances as a young single mother has always driven my career towards teaching my clients what I had to learn the hard way."

Brenda developed a passion for Women's Empowerment from her own experiences. Today, she draws on 20 years of experience to help clients see the need to control their financial resources and how to defend that power.

Brenda's enthusiasm for community service was recognized when the Burleson Chamber of Commerce chose her for the 2010 Athena award. 

This reward is for an exceptional individual who has achieved excellence in her business or profession, has served the community in a meaningful way and has assisted women in attaining professional goals and leadership skills. Since then, Brenda has continued to be a leader in her community and a powerful advocate for women.

Brenda loves gardening, painting with her grandchildren, and campaigning for political leaders when she is not working. Brenda is an active member at Pathway Church.